Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion: Telemedicine service proposed by CareBridges International

The strong point of the service:

Get a second medical opinion from European medical professors or reputed and recognised doctors.

Definition of expectations:

  • 1: Obtain a second medical opinion within a fixed period of time
  • 2: Use a simple and secure means of communicating case files.
  • 3: Interventions by persons of recognised quality


  • Request: Request for “telemedicine” service, that is a second opinion on a specific medical case.
  • Simple request: Case file that requires no more than a half-day of work and which can be treated by a clinician
  • Complex request: Case file that requires at least more than a half day of work and which must be treated by a medical professor or a reputed and recognised doctor.

The five operational stages of Telemedicine

1: Emission of request.

The local doctor uses the CBI professional application to send a request for the feasibility of a second medical opinion on request from the GP.

  • Definition of the request objective:
    • 1. Confirmation of the diagnostic or prognostic
    • 2. Confirmation of treatment
    • 3. Behaviour to be maintained
  • Definition of the required time delay for the response
  • Confirmation of the “Explanation” option choice
  • This is a confidential request, no personal details will be treated administratively
  • Simple description of the case and the problem

2: Agreement / refusal

Response within 24 working hours from CBI concerning the feasibility of the request:

Three possible outcomes:

    • First possible outcome: refusal
      • Medical case with no response
      • Professor not available
      • Second possible outcome: Agreement with the indication of time delay
      • Third possible outcome: Agreement
        • Agreement from the medical team or professor,
        • Presentation of the medical professor

3: Emission of complete case-file

Sent by the GP to the Professor using the CBI professional application,

      • The medical problem
      • The elements of the medical case-file
      • Any analyses, x-rays, MRI scans etc.
      • Any other elements that may be necessary to complete the telemedicine service

4: Response from professor

      • Emission of the response via the CBI application tool
      • The second medical opinion will be detailed and supported by arguments.
      • Each response will be written in English as well as in the habitual language of the professor who will have provided the telemedicine service.

5: Explanation (optional)

Video-conference or conference call explaining the second medical opinion (if this option has been selected)

      • Responses to any additional questions from the GP

Service quality guarantee

      • Engagement to respect delays with late response penalties
      • Certification of the person(s) treating the telemedicine case-file
      • Provision of the CV of the person treating the telemedicine case-file
      • Systematic evaluation of the satisfaction index for each case-file.

Telemedicine service pricing

CBI’s administrative charges are included in the price

The costs of sending the medical files to Europe are not included in the price.

Any potential costs pertaining to the use of a specific medical computer file are not included in the price.