Health Professionals Mission

  • According to your needs we select the best Arabic-speaking Health Professionals for your needs.
  • According to your needs we guarantee the renewal of Health Professionals in accordance to your requirements.
  • We organise the air transport of the Health Professionals to the various large towns of Libya.
  • We accompany the “Human resource” management of the Health Professionals.

Our services include:

  • EVASUN insurance (repatriation for health reasons or of the body in the case of death) for the Health Professionals.
  • Transport of the Health Professionals from the Lebanon to Libya or from France to Libya and their salaries are covered by CBI.

Your costs:

  • Food and lodgings must be covered by the client organisation.

We invite you to respond to the questions that will define your request. We will send you a commercial proposition, with the details of our services, the costs and the basic Health Professionals supply contract.

Our proposition

You will receive a proposition that will cover the following points:

  • The number of doctors and nurses available for your needs.
  • The administrative and operational organisation of the supply of Health Professionals.
  • The contract to be signed.

All of the Health Professionals:

  • Are Arabic-speaking, and/or English-speaking and/or French-speaking
  • Are graduates of French and/or American universities
  • They all work in hospitals
  • Accept to come to Libya

We contractually guarantee:

  • The availability of Health Professionals in accordance to your requirements
  • Their recruitment, the Health Professionals contract and the organisation of their air transport to Libya.