Medical concierge service

Many people agree that the psychological state of a patient is an essential element of their successful recovery, and we have noticed that being hospitalised overseas can be a major source of stress. Our aim is to reduce stress through human contact and constant availability. We offer a personalized service with the availability of a medical “referrer” throughout the period of overseas medical care

Our principle is very simple:

  • To be available for the person receiving medical care overseas at all times.
  • The satisfaction rate of users is highly important, since it leads to increased customer loyalty.
  • The financial aspect is of no little importance: the medical concierge services are very good value for money.
  • They are currently operational in France and Tunisia.

The Services

  • Health check-up
  • Medical fees estimation
  • Second medical opinion
  • Organisation of medical appointments
  • Request and transmission of medical reports between doctors
  • Coordination of prescribed medication deliveries
  • Personal accompaniment services
  • Communication with family, accompaniment of the family
  • Legal advice on the choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Reception at the airport, transport by ambulance to the hospital
  • Reception at the hospital, personalised organisation and supervision of the medical stay
  • Presence of an interpretor
  • Assistance with VISA applications
  • etc.