Example of the CBINET electronic card

An example of the CBIANET electronic card.
This electronic card that certifies insurance benefits I’assure third period and paying for the care of healths listed below.
It allows reimbursement of pharmaceutical euro first addressing the application of Regulation VIAMEDIS as billing terms set out below.


You must fill in all of the refund

* the additional amount with a compulsory amount to 0 and then send the stream in the code transmission Viamedis.

* within the terms of the contract of your patient. BY PAPER



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Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction when abroad, is it important?
In addition to the natural need to be evacuated in case of a major problem, ask the insured to have the same benefits of access to care abroad than in their country.
Give their third-paying general health in Europe and abroad.
CBI SAS offers an innovative solution for third-party payers and hospital outpatient Europe and abroad.
Reducing health care costs by 15 to 25% abroad.
Securing openings rights abroad through the provision of Mutual Insurers and health management tools internationally.
Simplification of Administrative Records Management International.
Enjoy the scanning of the electronic card insurance.