Who are we?

CBISAS is a company under French law, with a presence in 25 countries, covering Western Europe, (3 countries), Western (French-speaking) Africa (12 countries), North Africa (2 counties with one under negotiation) and the Middle-East (8 countries).

The CBISAS proposes access to overseas hospital and ambulatory health care via the use of our electronic health insurance card innovation.

Our mission:

  • Facilitate access to health care overseas
  • Guarantee the immediate payment of Health Professionals
  • Provide means of making savings to our clients: Patients and Healthcare operators

Professionals in the service of the end user

  • Third party health care payment
  • Top quality medical concierge service
  • Overseas Health Professionals missions

1. The characteristics of CBI services

a. Innovative nature of the services

CBI’s innovation is the integration of a new technology in administrative payment structures that provides access to healthcare when overseas.

The electronic insurance card is the reproduction of the classical health insurance card of each country, provided by the CBI system via three different media:

a) the insured persons email address,

b) a fax number,

c) the insured person’s cellular telephone (optional).

Compliant to the law relating to information technology and liberties, CBI informs the insured parties of their right of access and rectification to any data concerning them on the electronic card.

Access to any information of medical nature is strictly restricted to Health Professionals.

The advantages of the CBI electronic health insurance card are as follows:

  • ease of use for the user and Health Professionals
  • data security
  • validity duration adapted to suit each insured party (from 5 to 365 days)
  • a third of the cost of the standard insurance cards
  • a direct vector for communication with users