Our History

CBI SAS builds on the capital of 8 years of experience of an association that ceased its activities in 2009. The company recovered the assets of this association, notably its network of top quality international hospital structures and its specific management software “CBIANET” which is hosted on a “web-service” platform. CBI SAS proposes overseas access to hospital services, medical concierge services and overseas Health Professionals missions.

The main idea that has been developed has been to offer third party healthcare payment systems overseas, making the best use of the local service offers of its partner health insurance companies. Each client benefits from the negotiation advantages and pricing agreements of the other partners in their respective counties. In reality this means that someone who travels abroad automatically becomes an insured party of the partner company of the visited country. To this effect, they benefit from all of the third party healthcare payment agreements of the visited country.

This objective implies the recognition of the person as a locally insured party by Health Professionals. Health Professionals can only recognise the patient by visualising a local health insurance card.

This is why we have worked to find an innovative solution that is specific to CBI SAS: the creation of an electronic insurance card that can be issued via the Internet, by fax or even by cellphone.